bigread14-135Over Lent 2010, the people of the North East got together for “The Big Read“. #BigRead10 was such a success that The BigRead11 went national, in conjunction with CODEC (Centre for Christian Communciation in a Digital Age, University of Durham).

The Big Read encourages meeting together in housegroups to read the Bible, reading a text at the same time as others internationally.  There are opportunities to join ‘bigger Bible conversations’, try something a little more creative, or talk to someone on the other side of the world. From quiet sitting rooms with Bibles and books, to coffee shops and internet chatrooms across the world.

All materials are available online. We anticipate that all UK churches have access to at least one internet-enabled computer, from where materials can be downloaded, and photocopied as necessary for use amongst house groups. Read all blog posts in this category.

Due to changes within CODEC, we won’t be doing #bigread15. We will seek to share resources produced by others, and encourage you to use previous year’s material, and it may return in future years. 

bigread14-100The Big Read 2014

This year, we are using Stephen Cherry’s book Barefoot Prayers, released November 2013, providing Bible studies for housegroups, and providing creative activities for all to engage in.

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The Big Read 2013

With funding from The Jerusalem Trust The Big Read 2013 appeared, moving on from Tom Wright, to study Rowan William’s book The Lion’s World.

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The Big Read 2012

Following positive feedback from The Big Read 2011, The Big Bible Project was again commissioned to run The Big Read 2012. We worked through ‘Lent for Everyone: Mark’, and materials remain online here.

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The Big Read 2011

The success of The Big Read 2010 inspired Pete Phillips of CODEC to suggest that the ‘Big Read’ could go nationwide, and The Big Bible Project formed to encourage ‘bigger Bible conversations’, providing digitally downloadable housegroup materials freely available to all who wanted to work through ‘Lent for Everyone: Matthew’ for Easter 2011. The materials remain available here.

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The Big Read 2010

Thousands of people in the North-East of England and beyond worked through ‘Lent for Everyone:Luke’ by Tom Wright for Easter 2010. People met in small groups, within their churches, and across the denominations. Podcasted materials from Tom Wright’s talk are available within this section.

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Housegroup Leaders

We want to encourage both those already in housegroups, and others to consider joining housegroups. We are collecting advice on how to run successful housegroups in general, and then providing specific advice/materials for housegroup leaders with regard to the #bigread12.

Access advice for housegroups

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