The Big Read 2012 focused upon the gospel of Mark, again written by Tom Wright  (see his welcome video here).

Lent in 2012 started Wednesday 22 February, running through until Easter (46 days) on Saturday 7 April. Tom Wright’s book took us, with readings, through until 14 April.

Launch Event

Always wanted to ask Professor Tom Wright a question?

The #BigRead12 will launched with an online Q&A with Professor Tom Wright, 1-2pm, Tuesday 21st February 2012, with material still available to download.

Spaces to have ‘Bigger Bible Conversations’

We hope that your church leaders will adopt #bigread12 as a whole church programme, but there’s nothing to stop individual groups, newly formed groups (from across denominations), or individuals joining the conversation.


Would have liked to have happened:

  • @drbexl and @willgrady looked at having a weekly conversation with 5-10 people on Google+ Hangout, looking back over the previous week’s content/conversations, but this didn’t happen.
  • @drbexl and @premierradio looked at the possibility of crowd sourcing the Gospel of Mark as an infographic. We think this would have captured the attention of @mashable if done well!

Weekly Housegroup Materials

All the materials are available free to download directly from this website. All the media required are embedded in each page if you are using the materials in an area where you are internet enabled:

General Materials:
Weekly Materials:
Find these materials linked from Pinterest.

Stream the audio-visual Materials

Audio-visual materials are available in ‘streaming’ format on VimeoYouTube (accessing transcribed versions) and Soundcloud.

Download the Materials

All of the materials are available free for download from 12Baskets, including audio, video and housegroup notes, so that they can be used in areas with no internet connection.

Advertising the Event

Publicity materials are available in PDF format on this website. Download. Print. Display.

Access the editable PhotoShop file of the Big Bible logo (behind which you could put your own image, to demonstrate that you’re partaking).

Purchase the Book

The Revised Common Lectionary readings are outlined here.

Social Media

Take Action

Alongside our own daily actions, we want people to think about what they can do differently over Lent (hopefully developing habits for the longer term), and so will be linking to: Tear Fund Carbon Fast 201240 Acts and Christian Aid actions.

About the Author

The #BigBible Project. Educating in the digital spaces, creating 'bigger Bible conversations' between #digidisciple(s). Look out for #bigread14.