#BIGRead14: Daily Materials

bigread14-135Poems will be published daily, in written and audio format, seeking responses from readers of the blog (so please share widely among your friends). Ideas for response include:

  • What Bible verse does the poem make you think of?
  • Does the poem call a response in art – your own, or linked online?
  • Do you want to write/link to a reflection, or an illuminating anecdote?
  • Do you want to chat via video – share on YouTube with the hashtag?
  • Can you see something you can capture with Instagram that responds to that day’s theme?

Share your thinking for others to engage with, and let’s see what range of perspectives there are within the Christian sector. Don’t, however, feel pressurised to respond every day: #BIGRead14 should add to your Lenten journey, not take away from it!

Tweets about “#bigread14”

The best way to engage is to get the book Barefoot Prayers (SPCK), although we will publish the poems daily (text, and one of 56 volunteer poem readers collected via Doodle, and shared on Soundcloud or YouTube). They will appear here on the date listed (at 5am, when each link will activate):

Week 1: Gatherings

Week 2: Awakenings

Week 3: Occasions

Week 4: Puzzles

Week 5: Responses

Week 6: Virtues

Week 7: Deeps

Week 8: Horizons

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