#BIGRead14: FREE Weekly Housegroup Materials

bigread14-135These are formatted upon a ‘menu’. Chat over ‘nibbles’: chatting around the theme for the week; get stuck into the ‘main course’ around a Bible reading, including video material; enjoy a ‘chilled dessert’ with a reflective activity, then choose an ‘after-dinner choc’ to take away and chew over during the week. (Cathedral Banner, PDF) (Downloadable videos)

  1. Gatherings, with a reflection from Maria Rodrigues, Presenter/Producer,Woman to Woman, Premier Radio
    Cathedral Banner, Week 1 (PDF)
  2. Awakenings, with a reflection from Sheridan Voysey, speaker and author of Resurrection Year 
    Cathedral Banner, Week 2 (PDF)
  3. Occasions, with a reflection from Ellis B, blogger at BitTorrentGospel.
    Cathedral Banner, Week 3 (PDF)
  4. Puzzles, with a reflection from Tanya Marlow, author of Thorns and Gold
    Cathedral Banner, Week 4 (PDF)
  5. Responses, with a reflection from Paul Blakey, MBE, founder of Street Angels
    Cathedral Banner, Week 5 (PDF)
  6. Virtues, with a reflection from Calvin Samuel, Director of the Wesley Study Centre 
    Cathedral Banner, Week 6 (PDF)
  7. Deeps, with a reflection from Ruth Gee, President of the Methodist Conference
    Cathedral Banner, Week 7 (PDF)
  8. Horizons, with a reflection from Chine Mbubaegbu, Head of Media, Evangelical Alliance and author of Am I Beautiful?
    Cathedral Banner, Week 8 (PDF)

If you can share some of the thoughts from your housegroups, that would be wonderful. Also, Join us on Sunday April 20th for an online service celebrating Easter.

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