Running a Bible Marathon

A number of churches have run Bible Marathons, which tend to involve a number of people, reading the Bible, in public, from cover-to-cover. This section includes stories of other Bible Marathons, and practical advice as to how to run your own Bible Marathon.

A Bible Marathon is something that several churches have undertaken. The church (or a group of people) read the Bible:

  • often in public
  • often from cover to cover.

On the following pages:

A good deal of the paperwork which follows was compiled by Pat Francis ([email protected]) of Durham Cathedral who organised a complete reading last year and has put together The Bible Journey for this year.

If you want to make use of the materials, please credit Pat and if you want to make any commercial use, please contact her first!

The International Bible Reading Association was one of the first to run Bible Marathons. You can read more about them on Bible Pathway.


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