Creating ‘Bigger Bible Conversations’ and Spreading the #Digidisiciple Word

Promoting Your Own Blog Posts

All stories are autoposted via @BigBible and The Big Bible Project page on Facebook, and comments and RT’s are always much appreciated. You can help to promote the conversations, issues, etc. by talking about them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If there’s space on your blog, feel free to reflect upon writing your post, or taking a paragraph to cross-link to the post on Big Bible. Where appropriate, mention your blog posts in comments on other blogs, ask people if they’ve seen it, etc. You can even repost your blog post on your own blog so long as it’s a week after its posted on Big Bible, and you link back to the original post.

Engaging with Others

To create those bigger conversations, amongst disciples, and across denominations, it’s important that we read some of what the other #digidisciple(s) are writing, and, where possible, pick up on threads of the conversation in our own blog posts, and/or comment/blog a response to it.

Posting on Twitter, Facebook, etc. that you have commented on someone else’s blog can help bring further readers to the blog, and potentially, further comments for the conversation.

How do I comment?

At the base of each post, there’s an option to comment. Find the ‘login’ button, and you’ll see that you can log-in in a range of ways, the simplest for most is likely to be via Facebook/Twitter.

Once you are logged in, you can simply write your comment, select ‘Post As’, and your comment will appear and contribute to the conversation. 

It can be difficult to get comments, so we would like to develop some #digidisciple(s) who feel they have a desire to engage in the conversational side (and who may not think that blogging is for them), to ‘get the party started’, as commenting then starts to take on a life of its own.

How do I share?

It’s very easy to share stories that you’ve found interesting. The Big Bible site may look a little like it has two ways into social media, but

  1. provides links to The Big Bible Project’s social media spaces
  2. provides you with an opportunity to share the story, maybe with a comment, to the site of your choice

1) Big Bible Social Media 2) Options to Share the Story You're Viewing

Thank you for your interest in the site, and for sharing with what we, the #digidisciple(s), do.

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