#Digidisciple: How to Comment


The Big Bible Project is encouraged to see an increasing number of post-shares and ‘Retweets’, and conversations in spaces other than The Big Bible Project Blog, but commenting directly on the posts of others is greatly encouraging to those writing, and also can encourage others to engage and converse – it doesn’t have to be theologically deep. Suggestions include

  • Encouragement to the writer that you agree
  • Challenging the writer as to what they’ve written – naturally always constructively and with respect
  • Note that you’ve been challenged to (re)think ideas
  • Throw new ideas in for others to chew over
  • Signpost people to other resources/conversations you’ve noticed online.

OK, so that’s straightforward, right? Happy also for further suggestions! So… what about the practicalities of this.

Logging in to Comment

Look below the post for the comments area:

The Big Bible Project uses Disqus, for which you can have an account, but most will use the social media logins.  Click into the highlighted area, and the options to connect with Twitter, Facebook, Google + or Disqus will appear. You will note that you can simply add a name and post without logging in also.


Very, very easy. Simply type in the box, and press ‘Post as …’, and your post should appear in the list of comments.

Or if wish to reply to a pre-existing comment, look below that comment for ‘Reply’, then as above.

Sharing Comments More Widely

If you like a comment, simply press the ‘up’ arrow to indicate your approval:

You can, however, make a real difference, and draw others into the conversation by selecting ‘Share’, and then sharing your comment on Facebook, Twitter, or selecting the ‘link’ to embed elsewhere:

A Tweet will appear something like this, and is editable, so consider tweaking with appropriate user names/hashtags:

Facebook will produce a ‘share’ window, linking to the post (rather than the comment), so think about contextualising your interest where it says ‘Write something’:

If you select ‘Create a Link’, the link, linking directly to the comment, will appear in your address bar, from where you can copy and paste:

Finding Other Comments

If you’re looking for other comments to engage with, click on ‘Community’, and it will suggest some of the more recent posts:

And of course there are further links at the base of Disqus – and should you click on ‘Comments’ or ‘Reactions’, you’ll see not only responses, but some of the social media shares.

Please do join in and truly create ‘Bigger Bible Conversations’.

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