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Thanks for your interest in becoming a #digidisciple. This site exists to create ‘bigger Bible conversations’ and we invite you to become a #digidisciple, to make a commitment to blog regularly.

What does regularly mean?

Regularly can mean anything from annually to bi-monthly, to  monthly, but we ask that you regard dates offered as a commitment. One off submissions are also of interest, and we would also love to hear from those who could encourage us as ‘comment champions’, getting the conversation started!

If you want to take a sabbatical, change the frequency or focus of your posts, etc. just keep us informed in plenty of time please.

Where can I find out more?

Submit articles to digidisciple[at]archive.bigbible.uk

Do I get paid?

At this point, we are unable to provide pay for articles, but your contributions are much appreciated and serve to promote valuable conversations.

I’m happy with everything I’ve looked at, let me become a #digidisciple. The page also links to practical help with creating your posts.


Please note that the views expressed by the Digital Disciples on this site are the authors’ own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Big Bible Project.

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The #BigBible Project. Educating in the digital spaces, creating 'bigger Bible conversations' between #digidisciple(s). Look out for #bigread14.