What should my #digidisciple posts look like?

Since we desire to write for a popular audience, please avoid overly technical language and style, explaining any terminology as necessary: it doesn’t have to be in text, but could be e.g. hyperlinked to Wikipedia.

Will my content be changed?

We have made a deliberate choice to have ‘light-touch editing’, as we want to hear a range of voices, across the denominations (and those of none), and encourage people to speak in their own ‘voice’. All submissions, however, will be proofread and small editorial changes may be made. If categories/tags are not assigned, we will assign those, and sub-headings and images may be added.
All written posts need to be accompanied by an image. As people tend to skim-read online, paragraphs should be broken up with sub-headings and/or a sentence should be highlighted in each paragraph to draw attention to the core meaning in that paragraph.

Word Length

Articles should be between 300-500, with a maximum of 800, words, excepting prior agreement. Experience demonstrates that shorter posts, and those written from the heart, tend to encourage the most engagement. If articles exceed this word limit, they may be returned for rewriting. We hope for a mix of word, audio and visual materials. The equivalent length for a podcast or a video should be a maximum of 5 minutes in length – shorter is definitely better here.

Does it have to be a particular format?

The Big Bible Project uses WordPress, which allows most types of electronic format… text, images, video, audio, slideshare… so there should really be no limit aside from what helps you get your thinking or your message across!

We are keen to encourage creative expressions, and in the words of Erin McKean, it’s not always about ‘putting a plug’ on what is already pre-existing, but the old ways are also sometimes the most appropriate, so please don’t let the technology impede your content! If all you are comfortable with is emailing us with content for us to upload, that’s OK, although we will try to provide you with enough information to do it yourself if you’d like to!

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