What timeframe do I need to work within as a #digidisciple?

When do I need to submit my work?

Once your article is accepted and a publication date (or series of) established, we expect the final article to be submitted to us no later than two days prior to the publication date, preferably direct to WordPress. Whilst being aware of the importance of timeliness and relevance, there is no date that is ‘too early’ to submit your post, and you will allow the site administrator the time to promote your posts more appropriately. If pre-agreed, we will publish live blogs directly from events.

When will my work be posted?

The #digidisciple calendar indicates when you are next scheduled to post, so please make a note in your diary, and give BigBible plenty of notice if you’re unable to fulfill your commitment.

The aim is to post at least one post a day, usually at 6am (the early time offered us a significant rise in readership), with any further posts likely to be around 10am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 6pm.

Will I get reminders?

All posts in the #digidisciple calendar send an automated reminder to the email address you signed up with, a week before, and 2 days before the post is due. Please check your ‘junk’ folder to see that these emails are allowed. You may also get a Twitter/Facebook check-in smile the week before your post is due.

Can I re-edit after posting?

Once your submitted material has been accepted, only admins can edit the material. We do our best to adjust any errors, but if you spot any, please email [email protected] or tweet us.

Do I need to respond to comments?

If your article is published, we are keen to see you respond to any comments and facilitate the conversation in a timely fashion.

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