Optional themes for #Digidisciple bloggers

We’ve sought to give a range of topic options to write for #Digidisciple, remembering that all must tie into the four themes of the blog: #BigBible, #BigRead, #DigiLit and #Digidisciple. At the request of a number of #digidisciple’s at Greenbelt, we have implemented an (optional) monthly theme, and details of past and upcoming themes (including links to appropriate posts) will now be found on this page.

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We’d emphasise that we’d love to continue if you have a series you’re happy with, practical advice to give, or any other posts you have planned, now or for future months. The theme is designed to help those who are keen for some inspiration,and also encourage some cohesion and cross-dialogue in the blog, so if you can draw the theme in in other posts, please do so! We definitely want these blog posts to work as ‘conversations’…  springing off previous blog posts is particularly encouraged, as there’s no such thing as a ‘definitive answer’!

January 2013:

Genesis: See Slideshare for INSPIRATION

December 2012:#Waiting

The term ‘advent’ comes from the Latin word adventus meaning ‘coming’, a time when we expectantly wait for the coming of Christ. We’re looking to draw in materials from a range of organisations and viewpoints as to what it means to ‘wait’ – for a job, for an operation, for something you expect God to do, for a bus, for a computer download, etc. What insights do a range of ‘waiting’ activities make us think about this advent?

November 2012:#Serendipity

Serendipity is described as a ‘happy accident’. Technology looked like it was going to remove serendipity from our lives, but it can make ‘random’ connections more possible.

  • What does ‘serendipity’ look like?
  •  Can we draw on Biblical examples?
  • What are the affordances, constraints and changes in social practices brought about by technology in relation to serendipity?

October 2012: #Story

To tie in with #CNMAC12, which we are involved in organising, we are using the same theme of ‘Story’

  • What is a story? What is a good story?
  • Whose story is worth telling?
  • What do you enjoy about stories? Bible stories?
  • What examples have you got of stories of sharing faith? What might be we learn from the secular world?

September 2012: #DigiParadise

Continuing discussions held at Greenbelt 2012, we’re looking at what a ‘digital paradise’ might look like.

  • Is there such a thing as ‘digital paradise’?
  • How does the digital allow us to do things differently?
  • Who do we connect with and not get lost in a Christian bubble?
  • How do we ensure that we gain from partaking, rather than getting exhausted?

Please feel free to email bex.lewis[at]durham.ac.uk with ideas for other potential themes.

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