Sites such as Mashable give plenty of insight into social media, and offer comprehensive tips, tricks and stories for all social media. We highlight here a few stories that will help you in your journey into the digital spaces. Access all blogs in this category.

Dr Bex Lewis provides an overview of the main tools in social media (see more files), there’s some free short guides to a range of platforms on 78P.tv, #digidiciple(s) provide advice on ‘how to’, Big Bible seeks to model (some) good practice, whilst others who work in the field provide further content here:

Also check out events, and if you think you could help others, consider running a Social Media Surgery. In February 2014, Bex Lewis’s book Raising Children in a Digital Age: Enjoying the Best, Avoiding the Worst will be published, written with all adults in mind, but with a particular slant for what to be aware of with regards to children and the Internet.


We welcome further content to add to this section. Please email big.bible[at]durham.ac.uk if you are running a social media event which can be added to PlanCast.

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